The value of Pine nut oil and Pinolenic acid

Pine nut oil

Pine nut oil can be used  as an anti-cholesteric agent. Wherein a very generic activity beneficial for human health is disclosed. The health effects  of diets containing pinolenic acid, including hypocholesterolaemic effects, effects on ADP-induced platelet aggregation, on aortic prostacylic production and on bloodpressure. Pine nut oil also use for treating cardiac and cerebral vascular disease and adiposity caused by hyperlipemia as well as diabetes caused by hyperglycemia.


Pine nut oil can be used in the composition comprising pinolenic acid or a derivative thereof that are useful in the invention. However, as pine nut oil can contain up to about 26% by weight of pinolenic acid, it is generally advantageous(in particular for use in food supplements and to enable dosage forms of a smaller size)if concentrates could be obtained with higher levels of pinolenic acid. Concentrates of pinolenic acid or a derivative thereof to be used in the present invention can be prepared by any suitable process.

Pinolenic Acid

A further aspect of the invention is a composition comprising from 1 to 50% by weight pinolenic acid, based on the total weight of fatty acid in the composition(calculated as free fatty acid), optionally further comprising one or more of linolenic acid, oleic acid and palmitic acid. Wherein the acid represents at least 75% by weight of the total polyunsaturated C18-C20 fatty acids in composition and wherein the acids are present in the composition as free acids or derivative thereof, for use in lowering cholesterol levels.

Typically, the pinolenic acid or derivative is in the form of a food supplement or a food product. When the composition is a food product, it is preferably substantially free or trans fatty acid i.e., it contains trans fatty acids in an amount of less than 5% by weight, more preferably less than 3% by weight, even more preferably less than 1% by weight, such as less than 0.5% by weight, based on the total weight of fatty acids in the composition.

The pinolenic acid or derivative is in the form of a composition which further comprises one or more additional fatty acids or derivatives thereof selected from the group consisting of linolenic acid, oleic acid, conjugated linolenic acid , enriched 


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